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Pioneering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Advocating for Human Rights and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Empowerment for Global Impact

At New Intent, we forge meaningful connections between individuals and organisations and the pressing challenges of our world.  We infuse values, strategies, and policies with a renewed purpose, with diversity, equity, inclusion, and human rights at their core. We believe in actions that transcend mere profit and targets. We believe in actions that are catalysts for change, sources of opportunity, and drivers of rights for all.

New Intent creates your social license to operate.




New Intent specialises in crafting strategies and resources that link organsations and individuals with local communities, academia, social enterprises, and local governments where diversity, equity, inclusion, and human rights are priorities. Collaborating closely with you, we facilitate enduring changes stemming from your actions, fostering positive societal impact and redefining the essence of your impact on your local community and the world.

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