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Potential with

new intent.

Your Potential

New Intent is a pro-social organisation dedicated to helping organisations reach their potential to change the world. 

We put diversity, equity, inclusion, and human rights first. We advocate and create policies that help organisations and their teams contribute to the fight against child hunger, inequality, human rights abuse, and lack of universal healthcare. We work together to produce transformational engagement campaigns that showcase your dedication to social justice, implementing climate action, and creating a fairer world for the next generation.

Meet our Founder

Rory Archibald is our founder, who believes organisations and individuals can contribute to making our world a better place.


With a career spanning 17 years in the business events industry, he has developed a passion for people to revolutionise the world. Driven by a mission to bridge the gap between corporate strategies and societal change, Rory has made it his life's work to harness the power of people for a greater purpose – for human rights.


New Intent firmly believes we all carry a duty and an opportunity to lead global discussions and drive real change. We seek to inspire people worldwide, encouraging them to recognise and embrace the potential of our actions in shaping a better future.

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