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Abstract Iceberg

It’s Time for People and

Planet to Come First

Putting diversity, equity, inclusion and human rights at the heart of your work.


New Intent specialises in creating strategies where DEI and human rights are at the heart of your business. We look at the ecosystem of your impact, incorporating local communities, academia, social enterprises, and Government. We help you redefine the meaning of your work and it's impact on the communities around the world.


At New Intent, we transform DEI and human rights theory into actionable solutions for our partners. We develop informative resources that simplify the intricacies of DEI and human rights, reinforce its significance, and craft customised tools for your teams to enhance their DEI journey.


Our expertise has seen us take the stage around the world. We specialise in tackling DEI and human rights topics, combating the world's challenges head-on, and translating them for your audience, giving actionable outcomes with empowerment for your audience to change the world. 


Education is key to making the world a better place and transforming the business events industry into one that embraces DEI, leads the world in inclusive practices, and champions human rights. Our workshops foster genuine change, enabling you and your teams to champion DEI principles and set global standards for inclusivity.

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