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World Mother Earth Day

World Earth Day is dedicated to raising awareness about protecting our planet and the environment. Its mission is to 'diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide.'

It's essential to recognise that environmental issues are not isolated from issues of social justice, equity, and inclusion. Environmental problems disproportionately affect marginalised communities, and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is crucial in creating a sustainable future for all.

One of the critical reasons why DEI is vital to World Earth Day is that it recognises the interdependence of social and environmental issues. Climate change, pollution, and other environmental problems can significantly impact the health and well-being of marginalised communities, who often have limited access to resources and face greater exposure to environmental hazards.

By promoting DEI, we can help ensure all communities have equal access to clean air, water, and a healthy environment. This means addressing systemic inequalities, such as poverty, racism, and discrimination, that can exacerbate environmental problems. It also means listening to and involving diverse voices in decision-making processes related to the environment.

Moreover, promoting DEI can also lead to more innovative and practical solutions to environmental problems. By bringing together people with diverse perspectives and experiences, we can tap into a broader range of ideas and approaches to environmental issues. This can help us develop more inclusive and equitable solutions that benefit everyone, not just a privileged few.

We describe business events as a 'nexus industry,' one that brings people from all sectors together to collaborate, learn, share knowledge, innovate, and pioneer through the power of meetings. We must ensure our industry is a force for good, one that takes humanitarian issues seriously and advocates for voices less heard. This Earth Day, we need to ask ourselves serious questions. Is our industry a true force for good? Are we committing the time, effort, and resources to ensure we are part of the solution? When we meet, are we grasping the opportunity to demand a better world from world leaders? Is it good enough to meet, discuss one subject, and reinforce silos? Isn't it time to ensure that every event puts people and planet first and becomes a humanitarian event? Whatever sector your event may lie in, you have the power and ability to take on global challenges and incorporate action into your programmes.

Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion is crucial to achieving a sustainable future for our industry and planet. By recognising the interdependence of social and environmental issues and working to address systemic inequalities, we can create a more equitable and just world for all. Let's use World Earth Day as an opportunity to reflect on the importance of DEI and take action to promote a more sustainable and inclusive future through the power of meeting face-to-face.

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