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Collaboration Advocates for DEI

New Intent, ICCA UK & Ireland Chapter and ABPCO Announce Partnership

Collaboration is key to combating the climate crisis and advocating for DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) within the business events industry. New Intent, the ICCA UK & Ireland Chapter and ABPCO (Association of British Professional Conference Organisers) are delighted to announce a new partnership to advance DEI education, collaboration and knowledge sharing and to take a stance in advocating for DEI in the global business events community. New Intent will work in partnership with ICCA UK & Ireland to deliver bespoke workshops to members that will encourage the sharing of DEI challenges, failures, and successes with the aim of empowering members to enact DEI strategies in their personal life, their business and their clients. The three organisations have collaborated to create a DEI survey to better understand where destinations, suppliers, PCOs and in-house event organisers are on their DEI journey. The partnership will provide discussions on the UN Sustainability Goals; how the industry can and should incorporate these into their business goals to ensure the business events industry works with worldwide efforts to put people and planet first. The survey results will inform further collaboration to act on DEI progress across the business events industry in the UK & Ireland. Rory Archibald, founder & CEO of New Intent said, ‘This is a crucial time for our industry. As the world wakes up to the threat that climate change will have on our future, business events must be part of the solution and not the problem. Without robust DEI policies and strategies, climate action will be impossible. We need DEI to fight the climate crisis and we need climate action to fight for DEI. Climate action and DEI are not a competition. We are delighted to work with the ICCA UK & Ireland Chapter and ABPCO who have embraced the need for the industry to move forward and be an industry that others can learn from. The work the collaboration will do, with the support of New Intent, will be a statement to the leaders of our industry; we will not wait. We demand change now to safeguard our planet, our future, and our industry.’ The collaboration will commence with a survey that is being issued to the UK industry via ABPCO and ICCA UK & Ireland with workshops launching at the ICCA World Congress in Poland in November 2022. Over the coming months, further curated workshops both in person and online will be provided as well as supporting online materials for members of the chapter. Participate in the DEI Survey now:

New Intent was established in August 2022 and offers partnerships to the events industry supply chain, memberships to event strategists and speaker services where topics include the UN SDGs, DEI, environmental action, corporate social responsibility, and the politics of meetings.

Contact us to being your DEI journey today:

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